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With every little detail

September 21, 2016 23:56



FannyLyckman_Fenty_Full (kopia)





















JACKET – HERE    /    TOP / HERE    /    PANTS / HERE    /    SHOES / HERE    /    BRACELETS / HERE    /    RING / HERE    /    SHADES / HERE

Continuing with presenting my concepts, the third one is “Outfits“. This one is a classic and based on your comments, I’m guessing this one is one of your favorites. As I was saying in the previous post about “Posters”, there has been a battle between taking dope photos and actually seeing what I’m wearing. With editing, some clothes might look more green, or more blue or darker than the piece actually is. Since I’m a an experienced online shopper (what a surprise ;)), I know how frustrating it is to not really know what the clothes look like. So, from now on while posting outfits, I want to be more real about how the clothes actually look. I also want to put more effort into giving you guys more pictures of the details. More close-ups on accessories and links to everything I’m wearing (if possible). I hope this way out showing my outfit will be more helpful to you guys while creating your own looks!


New concept: Posters

For all my signature pictures

September 20, 2016 17:22







Introducing my 2nd concept, “Posters”. My day one readers know I’m all about being creative with my photos. This has been my signature strength as a blogger and it’s also one of my absolute favorite concepts to work with. Up until today i’ve struggled with balancing my outfit posts and my urge to just wanna take dope photos. This concept will allow me to go full out crazy and not have to worry too much about actually showing off every detail of my whole look. But don’t worry, I will have a new concept for that too ;)



New concept: Sent from my iPhone

Also… Get sick glitter nails

September 20, 2016 01:55






















I got stacks of photos on my iPhone that might not fit my Instagram nor my “usual” blog posts. After some brainstorming I decided to introduce my new concept called “Sent from my iPhone“. With this concept I’m going to post more real and/or “raw” stuff. Photos not taken with an expensive camera with perfect lighting and editing. I’m really excited about this since it will both open doors for me and my creative/weird/arty side and also a chance for me to post more private real life pictures. Tell me what you guys think about this idea!

Do you like these nails? It’s a really simple DIY. All you need is top coat, glitter and a brush. Just start with a layer of top coat, dip your nail in the glitter, brush it out and finish off with two layers of top coat. Kind of dope, right?


Thrasher hoodie

hudson st.

September 17, 2016 18:03















































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everything at once…

September 15, 2016 11:26











 Just got back from NYC!! OMG that city is like magic!!! I had the best time but I have to say it feels really good to be back in my own apartment, in my own bed. Ibiza and New York (with only a day in between) was fun AF, but a little stressful, and my jetlag is out of this world, Hahah! Woke up 15.30 yesterday.. (would probably be sleeping longer if Alex hadn’t woke me up) I mean 15.30? Haven’t done that since I was 17.

Somehow on my flight back my computer decided to stop working and my extern hard drive decided to not be found by any computer what so ever. All my pictures from Ibiza, and 75 % of my New York pictures is on the line so I’m a little stressed out.

Did you now it takes like 2 weeks to get you’re computer fixed???? I mean who the F has time for that shit?? And my extern hard drive… Need to find a place today that could help me with that as well…. Any suggestions??

Let me know! Xx