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Summery of my new concepts

September 29, 2016 15:51

Welcome all my beautiful readers! As you might have noticed I’ve done some renovating the past couple days. Scrolling through my blog I understood my visions doesn’t come out as clear as I picture them in my head. I felt it was time I brainstormed around what I really want to do with my blog and how to make it easier for you to get inspired. That’s why I decided to create these clear concepts I’ve been presenting for you guys, wishing for you to have a better understanding of WHY I post certain posts and what I want to achieve with it. A short recap of what I’ve been presenting:


Raw and more or less unedited pictures focusing more on my “real” everyday life. All taken with my iPhone.


Mostly new purchases and where to get them, but also existing uncredited pieces that you’ve might spotted on Snapchat or Instagram. The idea is that you in time, when I’ve had the time to fill it up will be able to click on this concept and basically see the inside of “in my wardrobe”.


Straight up outfits and where to get it. Much more focused on actually showing of the whole look and details than before.


My favorite concept. Letting go of the idea of being a “Fashion Blogger” and just taking dope photos. Not focusing too much on anything else than being creative and having fun.


Inspiration I find while scrolling the internet. Basically a selection of pictures that inspires me right now.


A selection of what type of music and visuals that inspires me. Might be something I just found or listening to right now, but I might also throw in some old stuff. But key is that they all are an inspiration “energy wise” to my photos and the way I dress.



I’ve done this re arrangement because I want the blog to be more focused and as inspiring as possible. I would love to hear your feedback when it comes to what your favorite concept is so I know where to put the extra love in. Please take your time and give me your take on it in the comment field. I’m super excited about this re launch and I hope you guys are too!

Xx, Fanny


    Awesome!! You are my biggest inspiration and I’m always excited when I see that you’ve posted something new. I think these are all great concepts I’m mostly excited about “my wardrobe”, “sent from my phone” and “posters”!!! And ofc a lot of outfit posts <3


    Posters, moodboards and music! But posters the most! It’s kinda like getting to know you better, which is dope, but also we get to see your creative side. I’m so excited, can’t wait to see it :)


    Very excited about all the concepts! Mostly outfits, my wardrobe and sent from my iPhone.. it’s fun to get a more “personal” side of your life. But it’s a great idea mixing it up with some music and posters aswell, since inspiration often comes from a feeling and not something you can pinpoint. Love that your blog is so different from the more traditional ones, keep up the good work!


    So glad to hear that you like the new concepts!! – And thank you for putting time in and comment with your thoughts! I really appreciate it! <3


    More posters and moodboards and vlog on your youtube Woolf be so dope!!! Love you girl


    Din blogg är så sjuuuukt bra får alltid massa inspo av dig ! Kollar in hör minnst en gång om dagen???


    Love it so much, cant wait till everything gets filled up. :)) Will you change the Categories on the top of your blog as well so we can find each concept easier? My favs are probably sent from my phone, posters and outfits <3


    Good to hear hun! You’re one of my most loyal readers so thats always nice to hear <3 Yes, I'll get the design in order soon as well so it follows the concepts and the new vibe! Xx


    Mina favoritkoncept är nog posters, sent from my iphone och my warderobe. Och music kanske också. Nej åh kan inte välja haha. Men blir så himla glad av att du gör detta, för tycker att du är så sjukt bra på det du gör. Älskar din kreativitet och hur du står ut i jämförelse med andra stora modebloggar. Att du tar kvalité före, och verkligen satsar på det du gör. Du är en stor inspiration för mig inom mode, och får mig att våga ha på mig det jag faktiskt vill. Men även inom det kreativa, då du motiverar mig att våga göra något annorlunda. kram!


    TACK!! <3 Tung är du! Superkul att kul att få höra!! Nice att du gillar upplägget också och ett stort tack för att du tar dig tid att kommentera! Uppskattar det verkligen!! Xx


    More videos would be awesome! It would be fun to get to know u more!


    Älskar att bloggen är mer som en inspotidning än när du berättar om ditt everyday life. Den ser uta att bli ännu bättre nu också! :))


    Your such a B I G inspiration! Im excited to se more of “sent from my iPhone” & “my wardrobe” :-)


    Your biggest fan from Denmark


    OMG, thanks hun, Im so glad too hear that!! And thanks for taking the time <3 Rearly appreciate it! Xx


    Älskar det nya upplägget och att du verkligen vill ge ännu mer kärlek till din grymma blogg! Gillar alla kategorier och hoppas det blir en bra balans dem emellan. Kram!


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