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Pink & Purple


September 30, 2016 14:53



Summery of my new concepts

September 29, 2016 15:51

Welcome all my beautiful readers! As you might have noticed I’ve done some renovating the past couple days. Scrolling through my blog I understood my visions doesn’t come out as clear as I picture them in my head. I felt it was time I brainstormed around what I really want to do with my blog and how to make it easier for you to get inspired. That’s why I decided to create these clear concepts I’ve been presenting for you guys, wishing for you to have a better understanding of WHY I post certain posts and what I want to achieve with it. A short recap of what I’ve been presenting:


Raw and more or less unedited pictures focusing more on my “real” everyday life. All taken with my iPhone.


Mostly new purchases and where to get them, but also existing uncredited pieces that you’ve might spotted on Snapchat or Instagram. The idea is that you in time, when I’ve had the time to fill it up will be able to click on this concept and basically see the inside of “in my wardrobe”.


Straight up outfits and where to get it. Much more focused on actually showing of the whole look and details than before.


My favorite concept. Letting go of the idea of being a “Fashion Blogger” and just taking dope photos. Not focusing too much on anything else than being creative and having fun.


Inspiration I find while scrolling the internet. Basically a selection of pictures that inspires me right now.


A selection of what type of music and visuals that inspires me. Might be something I just found or listening to right now, but I might also throw in some old stuff. But key is that they all are an inspiration “energy wise” to my photos and the way I dress.



I’ve done this re arrangement because I want the blog to be more focused and as inspiring as possible. I would love to hear your feedback when it comes to what your favorite concept is so I know where to put the extra love in. Please take your time and give me your take on it in the comment field. I’m super excited about this re launch and I hope you guys are too!

Xx, Fanny


Welcome into my wardrobe

September 26, 2016 20:35





Cap – HERE / Fur – No Relation Vintage (New York) / Backpack – HERE / T-shirt – Startstruck Vintage (New York) / Shades – HERE, HERE and HERE
Neckless – HERE and HERE / Top – HERE / Sweater – Tictail Market (New York) / Overknee Boots – HERE / Jacket – HERE


6th concept of this blog is going to be “My Wardrobe“. The idea is that you in a couple of months (when I’ve had time to fill it up) could click on the “My Wardrobe”-category and basically be inside my wardrobe. Cool right?

First and foremost I’ll post my latest purchases and where I got them, but I might pull out some old pieces I like to wear at the moment. I’ll also try to cover some of the pieces and looks I wear on Snapchat or Instagram that’s uncredited so you know where to get it.



Pictures that inspires me

September 24, 2016 17:11



Back at it again with my fifth concept: “Moodboards“. I’ve done these type of post many times before but I felt like it was time to really make it a regular thing. I spent a lot of time on the internet just searching for inspiration and these posts will contain a couple of my favorite pictures :)



Videos that inspire me

September 23, 2016 19:03

Next concept: “Music”. I often get the question, “what inspires you?” and I have to say music is a big part of where I get my inspiration. Not only the music itself but also the visuals. I often listen to a certain type of music while shopping or choosing outfits to get in the right mood. When I watch music videos I really watch them. I look for colors I like, combinations I like and hairdos I like… Yeah you get the drill. The right video can be like a fashion magazine if you just look for it. That’s why I decided to share more of what I listen to and the type of visuals I get inspired by. These videos for example has been an inspiration for me to go more raw in my own visual expression. Hope you enjoy this new concept!