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Back from LA

Back in sweden with a cold…

April 21, 2016 21:30

LevisFanny-post3-part1 LevisFanny-post3-part2

In collaboration with Levi’s

Back from LA and I miss it already! 10 days went by so quickly and the last four days at the festival was just super well set up. I can’t describe the 100 000 something people as an ocean while watching Ice Cube. Having pizza slices on the lawn. Dancing to Major Lazer and watching Kanye come out on stage with ASAP Rocky. Pre parties by the pool. Got picked up by Hypebeast. And sharing and meeting new influencers from all over the world. With that said, you probably already can figure out that I’ve had one of the most hyped weekends in a while.

As always when I’m traveling I always catch something, and this time were not different, I’ve caught a crazy cold and have been totally OUT since I boarded the plane in LA. I was actually supposed to go to Paris tomorrow but it looks like I’m missing that :(:(

Last but not least I wanna thank Levi’s for bringing me on this amazing experience. It has been a really cool way for me to be able to share my love for the 501 cut offs which as I’ve said before, has been like my iconic summer uniform since I was 19. So, thank you so much and hope to see you all soon again!



These shorts tho….

April 18, 2016 18:37


In collaboration with Levi’s

Third day in on the festival I’m just having a  blast!! I’ve had a pair of Levi’s that has been my favorite shorts since 2009 when I bought them on a small vintage store for like 40 SEK. But now I think I found my new favorite pair!! Look at the color and the ripping on these.. On point right?!?!

In an hour we’re leaving Palm Springs and I’m saying good bye to the whole Levi’s crew.. It has been such an amazing time here. All the new people I’ve met. All the shows we’ve seen. All the dead phone batteries I’ve had haha! I will most certainly miss it..


DAY 1 w Levi’s

Todays schedule: ASAP Rocky, Rae Sremmurd, Ellie Golding, M83

April 16, 2016 21:14


In collaboration with Levi’s

First day done!! We arrived yesterday to Avalon in Palm springs with the Levi’s team, had a moment to check in, customizing shorts, and hang by the pool before we headed to the first day at the festival! All the denim you see in these pictures are customized by myself :) The jacket Alex is wearing is the jacket from the previous DIY-tutorial below. Sick right?

Best moment of the night was when Kanye went on stage with A$AP Rocky as a surprise appearance!! EPIC SHIT!!!! There is unfortunately a camera restrictions on the area but I we got the snapshots with our phones instead!! So sorry for the bad quality in photos… But really, how jealous does these pictures make u guys??? ;))))))

Talk soon, Xx

Festival with Levi’s


April 14, 2016 18:01

















In collaboration with Levi’s

Only one day left until I’m leaving for an amazing festival and I am so exited!! I’m going in collaboration with Levi’s, and as you know I’m an epic fan of their denim shorts… You know what type of shorts I’m taking about. The ones I’ve had at like every festival I’ve ever gone to?

PolariodYeah, but this time I leveled up my denim addiction and customized one of their denim jackets. I thought this might be dope for the festival!? What do you thinkI’ll give you a better picture of it from the festival how it looks on me… But right now I’m a really big fan of really ripped denim as you probably will see from the pictures I’m taking home with me.. If you’re a ripped denim fan, head over to and let your creativity flow. Maybe I sparked something ;) Anyway, I’m going to blog and Instagram about the whole trip so you guys can follow my adventure! Make sure to stay tuned!




April 12, 2016 21:19





























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