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Good girls, bad habits

midnight thoughts

December 12, 2015 01:22


Last saves on my desktop at the moment.

I’m a thinker, and driven by emotions. I ask big questions. Sometimes I admire people around me that seems to just live life, and don’t ask for a bigger purpose, or reflect over why they do what they do, or want what they want. They don’t question about the way our community are built or why they value what they value.

I look at people and I wonder about the things we want for ourself, and the things we value… Is it because we should or because we want it? I mean, like for real want it? Is there even a difference? Do we learn what to want or do we make a choice?

If you could do anything in the world and money and fame didn’t exist, what would you do? Where would you live?

Well now you know why I don’t get personal to often. I’m way more complicated then the regular I ate this and I went there! Xx


Up here looking down on myself

December 10, 2015 14:24

FannyLyckman-MarriedToTheMob-Klar15 FannyLyckman-MarriedToTheMob-Klar14



FannyLyckman-MarriedToTheMob-Klar3FannyLyckman-MarriedToTheMob-Klar4FannyLyckman-MarriedToTheMob-Klar1  FannyLyckman-MarriedToTheMob-Klar7 FannyLyckman-MarriedToTheMob-Klar8

Credits & Ad-links:

Jacket – Married to the mob

Sweater – HERE

Leggings – HERE

Sneakers – HERE

Top – Zara

Tuesday browsing


December 8, 2015 19:44


source; tumblr

Kanye inspired

customized sweater

December 7, 2015 17:47

Fannylyckman1 Fannylyckman2 Fannylyckman3 Fannylyckman4

Customized this sweater earlier today (as you can see if you follow the link to it)!

Wanna know how? Take a look at my snapchat: FannyLyckman1 ! Xx

Credits & Ad-links:

Leggings – HERE

Sweater – HERE

NEW IN!!!!!!!

#adidas #nike #marriedtothemob #junkyard #xx-xy

December 3, 2015 17:37


NEW IN!!!!!!!!

Went on a little online shopping spree the other day & I think I should share my purchases with you guys more often.. All black everythaang huh? Almost anyway ;) Xx


Credits & Ad-links:

Adidas superstars – HERE

Nike socks – HERE

“Married to the mob” jacket – HERE

“Left my fuck at the crib” tee – HERE

Army green beanie – HERE

Compton beanie – HERE

XX-XY Leggings – HERE

Adidas tubular (Alex’s)  – HERE

Air force one sneakers – HERE

Compton sweater – HERE

Nike leggings – HERE

Defend Paris sweater – HERE