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90’s gurl

August 6, 2015 10:40








Highwaisted swimsuits from H&M (similar HERE) / Shorts from Melrose market in LA / Sneakers from Nike (HERE)

Greece treats us good! Long days in the sun, crystal clear water and amazing food! Photo diary is coming up soon! Xx

Millie tee

August 5, 2015 00:45








First look in a while! Spending my last vaycay week on this yacht for some tanning and relaxing before I get to work 4 real! Military pattern is a favorite in my outfit these days! This one is from River Island, and you’ll find it HERE!

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Chapter 7 – Ametis Villa, Canggu

August 3, 2015 16:28



Dear travel diary,

Our last stop this trip was Ametis Villas in Changgu! You could say the villa was separated in three parta. One – the outdoor kitchen and livingroom area. Two – the pool, sun bed and garden area. And three – the inside bedroom and bathroom area. On top of this, you have your own “butler” as they call it, who only serves you and your villa. I’ll tell you more about it later :)


I just loved the kitchen! It was actually one of my favorites thing about this villa. I think it really nice to have access to a kitchen even when I’m on vacation, and outdoor kitchen? Well, I’m not sure if it could get any better… When you get crazy cravings for banana pancakes it definitely comes in handy! As I said, the butler service was  a very special experience! Our butler was Balinese with excellent english and he helped us with whatever we needed, whenever we needed it. This could be serving breakfast and dinner, taking us on tours around Bali, helping us renting surfboards, making sure that our minibar doesn’t run out of Coke Zero (I’m an addict ;))… You get the idea, you know, everything! And the cool thing with having your own go-to-guy, or with our butler in particular, is that you actually get more of an personal contact and have more rewarding conversations than you usually get staying at any hotel. We learned about his past and how life is growing up in Bali etc etc… Maybe sounds stiff to have a butler, but I must say it was the opposite!



This bathroom tho!! Look at this amazing view from our bathtub!?


The nearest beach from Ametis is Changgu Beach, just a 2 minutes walk from the villa. It’s a very attractive surfing spot and the beach, the bars and all the restaurants are full of free living nice australians who found their surfer paradise. The restaurants are much more “chill” than the ones we’ve been eating on rest of the trip. They’re much more suited for surfers and one of the restaurants even had plastic chairs just so you could eat lunch in your bathing suit :) You know!? On our very last day we watched the sunset before we headed back for a last visit at the spa, dinner, drinks and the latest episodes of Suits. Yeah, we watch that shit even here :)


Over all this villa and this trip has been so amazing! I want to give a special thanks to “Back in Bali” who helped us with all the bookings.

I love to see and stay at different places to get more out of my vacations but I have to say we might got a little over board with the all the traveling, changing hotels and beaches every other day. The hotels, the villas and the surfing has been amazing, but next time I feel like having more time on each place. You know, to be able to really get comfy in the hotel/villas, have time to do some day trips and see some more of the nature and culture of Bali! But I hope you guys enjoyed this travel diary! First time for me really giving you guys a glimps of really getting details about my traveling! Please leave a comment about what you’ve thought about these posts!

Next up for is Yacht week in Greece, new country, new hashtag!!!

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White White White

August 2, 2015 01:53




–  Left to Right  –

Bikini bottom with 2 side straps: HERE

Bikini top: HERE

Plain bikini bottom: HERE

Laced up swimsuit: HERE

Halterneck swimsuite: HERE

Ruffeld bikini bottom: HERE

Halterneck top: HERE

Lacked up bikini bottom: HERE