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Beige Timberlands

July 7, 2015 20:28


Photo: Oscar Jettman

NUDE, BEIGE or whatever you wanna call it! I just can’t get to much of it!

This set from Misguided, and my new timbs in beige most be my favorit pieces right now!

TOP: HERE / SKIRT: HERE / BOOTS: HERE (on sale!!!!!)


July 5, 2015 19:01

Fanny Lyckman: I make a living largely on my looks (Read the full interview in Swedish HERE :))

The style icon Fanny Lyckman have taken both Sweden and the world by storm in the past few years. Thousands of people are reading her blog daily and follow her on Instagram. Despite the success, Fanny is very aware of today’s fixation on appearance and social media influence. Meanwhile, she dreams of one day showcasing her own designed clothes at New York Fashion Week. Cosmo took a chat with her. Because one thing is clear; We looove Fanny’s cool style.


Hi, Fanny! You’ve become one of the biggest bloggers, and inspires a variety of girls around the world with your blog and Instagram pictures. Have you been able to understand how popular you actually are today?

– No, absolutely not. It is very difficult to imagine, and nothing that I think of on a daily basis either. But it is of course very exciting to reach out to so many people!

Yes, it must be exciting! It feels like you’re always gone your own way and run on the style you like. Are there any other bloggers you are inspired by, or where do you get your inspiration really? Do you have any style icons?

– Thanks! I’m glad you like it! I love Tumblr and gets a lot of my inspiration from there, but not from any specific person. I love to experiment and find my personal touch!


It shows! Some years ago, you designed a collection for NLY. Do you have any more designer dreams?

– Yes exactly! I love to design, it’s what I like doing the most right now! I’m working right now on my very own clothing line that will hopefully be released this autumn!

Wow, what fun! All the luck to you! Something that received great attention was when superstar Usher posted a picture of you with the text “Need money to meet Usher.” How shocked were you then? What did you think?

– Yes ha ha, how cool was that?! Obviously, I was so shocked! It was a friend who told me, but I had to go on Instagram and check it out myself to see if it was true, and it was.


Cool! To something completely different Fanny. Today, the fashion industry and the blogosphere is very fixed on appearance. You practically live in the industries, how has that affected you?

– It is impossible not to be affected by any social media since we are exposed to it every day, whether I choose to or not. Instagram, snapchat, and blogs. I make my living largely on my appearance, and it can obviously be very tedious at times and induce some stress “to always be on top.” Ideals are hard to live up to, but I try to keep such a healthy attitude as possible.

Understand. What are your biggest dreams in life, Fanny?

– Wow, what a question! I want to see the world and show my clothes at New York Fashion Week.

Awesome! If we’re talking clothes. Where you shop at any time and why?

– I like to shop online, and I’m a fan of Asos right now! I all of a sudden think it feels easy, you can inspect the cloths in peace and quiet, to sit with the inspiration on the screen, while looking at clothes. And the selection is so much bigger! Additionally, you can try at home in front of the mirror together with the garments you already have in your closet. As for a physical store, I would probably say that Zara is my favorite, but I also like Urban Outfitters, Beyond Retro, Topshop, H & M and River Island.

OK! What is the most expensive thing you own right now?

– My Chanel bag!

And what would you NEVER put on you? Or which garments would never be able to live without?

– I could never live without denim shorts, and I would never wear a pair shoes with thin and very short heels.

Alright! Finally! What does Fanny Lyckman do on a day off? And what plans do you have for the summer?

– I sleep in, eat breakfast at Le Petit France, watch series, hanging with my boyfriend and drink cocktails in the sun. This summer I’m going to festivals, hanging out with my friends and traveling! Probably both to Bali, Spain and Greece!


Read the full interview in Swedish HERE :)

SNKR Studio

July 5, 2015 11:29


In the SNRK studio making some gold details for my Huarache. I’ll show you a close-up when I lazed them up properly :)


Kind of cool how they build shoes with different “color-bricks”. Almost looks like Lego.


Air Force Ones to the left, and Huarache on the right (mine :))



Also got myself a pair of Air Force One in black. Love these with a pair of skinny jeans. Adds that street feeling I really like!


I’ve been in love with the Huarache for over a year now but I haven’t gotten to buy them until now. I just love that it feels more sporty, and more “streety” than the Air Max which i’ve worn a lot lately. What do you guys think about it? And what do you think about my new header? :)


Shape up cover shoot

July 2, 2015 21:45


Getting ready, always having the time to take a selfie!!! ;)


We talked about how I’ve been training the past 9 months and what type of excersises I do for my butt and legs. On the pictures it looks a bit barbie with the pink colors and the kettle belt but most of the exercises that has worked for me is actually REAL heavy lifting. Alexandra has taught me this ;)

FannyLyckman_ShapeUp_4 FannyLyckman_ShapeUp_3

The issue comes out in the end of the summer I believe. But I’ll make sure to tell you all when it’s out ;) Hope you’ll like it!! Xx

Let me finish Bråvalla

July 1, 2015 16:42


On the train to Bråvalla. Realllllly excited as you can see…. ;)


The tents we slept in was huge. The picture doesn’t even make them justice. Bikbok called the area “Glamping” for Glamours Camping. Haha, just too real. They had everything covered. We had a nice bed and a goodie bag filled with everything one might need while camping. Too bad I realized I had all these great shampoos, make-up removers and towels and shit the same day I went home ;’D.


I can NEVER resist a good bag of churros. It’s like a festival tradition for me!


BikBok also had a lounge set up in the area with good music, comfortable seats, phone chargers and fake tattoos. That’s me in action ;)


Me and Madelene rehydrating after a tough night “on the field” :D

I love going to festivals and next up on my summer festival tour is Way Out West. Do you guys have tickets? Otherwise I’m actually having a competition on my Instagram starting tonight where you can win tickets for you and a friend! I’d be happy to see you there!

(This might be primarily for my swedish readers (?) so sorry writing in english :))