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Chapter 4 – Sheraton, Kuta

July 23, 2015 15:29

Dear travel diary,

I’ve seen all of your comments on previous chapters of my travel diary and I will answer them when I come back to Sweden :) Our fourth stop is Kuta Beach and five star beach front hotel Sheraton. The surroundings is pretty busy since it’s beachfront and you got everything from restaurants, a full size mall and mini marts. The mall is actually connected to the hotel and has stores like Zara, Topshop, Victoria’s Secret and stuff like that. Before going here we’ve been told by many that this beach is a good place for beginners to surf. So we were particularly excited about this spot!


The first thing you’re hit by in the check-in is the massive view over the pool and the ocean. We were really hungry since the traffic was jammed on our way here but that didn’t get my mood down since I got to eat pizza while watching the sun go down right after we arrived. I hear myself repeating “sunset” and “sundown” a lot but it’s just really magical doing things, or doing ANYTHING while sun set!!




The hotel is quite big and has European standard when it comes to rooms and food. We stayed in a one bedroom and it was quite small but fresh and clean. We didn’t stay too much in the room since the hotel was beach front and had a lot of action going on around it.






Sheraton has some in-house restaurants that serve really high standard food. The pictures below is from their Italian restaurant “Bene” which we actually ate three times during our two nights. It’s also my favorite restaurant so far this trip. It’s three floored and on the first night we ate at the roof top (in the sun set of course ;)) which was magical. Since I was really excited to go surfing the next day it was extra magical seeing silhuettes of surfers in the color full ocean.








And yes, of course I visited the Spa. I had a balinese 60 minutes massage which might have been top three massage or spa experiences I’ve ever gotten (maybe except for my naprapath due to some difficulties in my back…). I might have just needed one real bad, I don’t know, but it was good, really good :)





As a lot of the hotels Sheraton also has some activities or special events that might happen during your stay. Every Sunday they have the “Market Brunch” which is a concept brunch which we couldn’t miss to check out. That exact day we had really late breakfast which made us just going for the sweets and desserts but they have everything you want in a brunch. Not only waffles, ice cream and chocholate fondue, but also Italian pastas, Babi Guling, asian stuff and fresh fruits etc etc. Everybody also got one vegetable or fresh fruit to bring home to symbolize the “going to the market” concept. I like concepts and this was a good one.

The same evening the hotel also had the “White Magic Sunset” pool party. We actually sat on the lobby balcony editing pictures and blogging. Better there with a DJ and all ;)







The next day we finally went surfing! Wohooo! The waves were at first pretty big and what I learned on my trip to Marocco has really helped. I felt that even though the waves were big, I caught most of the waves I went for, not bragging our anything ;) We got our boards at “Patamuanpata” (?) which was right outside of our hotel. I think the guys were help full and we got one board for 150,000 rupia for 4 hours, which is like 100 SEK. We didn’t negotiate much so just don’t pay more than that ;) Also, I didn’t actually surf with this board on the picture, it was just looked so much better with my shorts ;) Haha!




Over all Sheraton is one of the hotels I definitely would go back to if ever going back to Bali. I like Kuta and I like that it was beach front. I liked the spa and I loved their restaurants. The rooms were OK and the surroundings had a lot to offer. So if you’re in the mood of a little action. This is your place!!! Xx


July 22, 2015 17:58







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Chapter 3 – The Grove Villas, Seminyak

July 21, 2015 17:26

Dear travel diary,

Our third stop was The Grove Villas, 10-15 minutes away from the beaches of Seminyak with taxi. First impression when they opened the doors to our villa was “wow!”. It was very private and very mordern and the beach house feeling of the villa was just my taste.



As I said, the first impression was just WOW! The villa consisted of one bed room, one bath room, one living room, a sun deck and a private pool with your own waterfall. The colors and the interior fit perfectly and the atmosphere was a mix between spa, beach house, modern and clean. This is the exact type of beach house I dream about buying for myself as a summer house!




Both the bed room and the living room had access to the pool through movable panorama windows. It was a really cool feeling to be able to wake up in the morning and go straight for a dip in the pool through the windows like that.



The bathroom had a glass roof over the tub… How cool is that? Over all, the bath room was just perfect. Lighting, freshness and colors. The bath room is such an important part for me and if I could have this bath room at home I would have died the happy death… Haha.



The closest beach is Seminyak which partly is known for it’s beautiful sunsets. It took about 10-15 minutes for us to get to the beach in perfect time to catch the sunset. During our stay here in Bali we’ve been fooled by a lot of taxi drivers. Even drivers from big companies like Blue Bird (which also is the best company we’ve been riding with so far) has made some shady moves on us. So if you’ve going to Bali, a tip is to just go by taxa meter and don’t listen to them if they ask for more when you reach your destination.



Over all my villa experience was very very good. I never felt like leaving the villa which led to us just hanging out on the sun deck, poolin, eating room service and listening to music. We did stuff like going to Mini Mart and bought some snack and watched a documentary. Really laid back stuff. I’d choose this villa again if I want to escape stress, wanna relax or even maybe focusing on work for a couple of days. The staff was also really cute and helped us with all of our requests :) So if this is your purpose of vacation, I personally recommend it!



Catch you guys next time, then we’re going to Kuta! Xx


July 20, 2015 17:47

image image


Getting ready for shooting some stuff in our villa. Full review on the villa in the next post :)

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Chapter 2 – Pan Pacific, Tanah Lot

July 18, 2015 18:50


Dear travel diary,

Our second stop on this tour was five star Pan Pacific in the Tanah Lot area. It took about 1 hour and 20 minutes with a taxi from our previous hotel. My first impression of Pan Pacific can be described with one word, Massive. The hotel is very “sport-centered” with a massive golf course (I don’t know how big they usually are but..), tennis courts, water sports such as basketball hoops in the pools, and a sand football pitch. Since I’m not a great golfer, nor a sport-girl of that kind, I spent most of my time in the pool area which was quite huge also. They had waterslides and stuff that actually was pretty fun, at least once or twice. Like many of the hotels here in Bali they also arrange activities like Yoga Classes, Bike tours around the area, ATV trips etc etc. If you’re a sports girl/guy, you’ll be having your hands full. However, the hotel is a bit “off” so you never really leave the area, at least we didn’t.


The hotel sits just by the ocean but it doesn’t have a beach, so the pool area is the place to be at if you wanna go for a swim.



As I said, it has a lot of different sport stations and the ping pong table became our spot since I’m actually quite good at it ;)



Even though the food was in the pricier price range compared to the previous hotel (more like swedish prices), the food was really really good. We ate at all of their restaurants and they all were impressive, not only for for it’s taste, but also for how it was presented. I don’t think I’m the only one who eats with my eyes too :) The breakfast was also very good. I love it when they have a chef who can do your omeletts exactly how you want them. As the icing on the cake, they had a chocolate fondue that I actually didn’t use that much. Or, the truth is I used it once just for a picture, but somehow lost the picture…. (?)



They had these beautiful private pavilions facing the water placed at least 50m away from each other. It was really calming just lying there for the 30-40 minutes it took for it to go from sundown to almost pitch black. The whole area was also very romantically lit during the night time. But yeah, this is by far the best way I’ve caught a sunset. Love em!



Our room were big with two bathrooms, a livingroom and a bedroom with two balconies. It was almost like a suite. It had the typical “american luxury not too mordern” type of feeling which I know many luxury hotels go for, but is not really my cup of tea. Next up is Seminyak, let’s see what it has to offer :) Xx