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Chapter 2 – Pan Pacific, Tanah Lot

July 18, 2015 18:50


Dear travel diary,

Our second stop on this tour was five star Pan Pacific in the Tanah Lot area. It took about 1 hour and 20 minutes with a taxi from our previous hotel. My first impression of Pan Pacific can be described with one word, Massive. The hotel is very “sport-centered” with a massive golf course (I don’t know how big they usually are but..), tennis courts, water sports such as basketball hoops in the pools, and a sand football pitch. Since I’m not a great golfer, nor a sport-girl of that kind, I spent most of my time in the pool area which was quite huge also. They had waterslides and stuff that actually was pretty fun, at least once or twice. Like many of the hotels here in Bali they also arrange activities like Yoga Classes, Bike tours around the area, ATV trips etc etc. If you’re a sports girl/guy, you’ll be having your hands full. However, the hotel is a bit “off” so you never really leave the area, at least we didn’t.


The hotel sits just by the ocean but it doesn’t have a beach, so the pool area is the place to be at if you wanna go for a swim.



As I said, it has a lot of different sport stations and the ping pong table became our spot since I’m actually quite good at it ;)



Even though the food was in the pricier price range compared to the previous hotel (more like swedish prices), the food was really really good. We ate at all of their restaurants and they all were impressive, not only for for it’s taste, but also for how it was presented. I don’t think I’m the only one who eats with my eyes too :) The breakfast was also very good. I love it when they have a chef who can do your omeletts exactly how you want them. As the icing on the cake, they had a chocolate fondue that I actually didn’t use that much. Or, the truth is I used it once just for a picture, but somehow lost the picture…. (?)



They had these beautiful private pavilions facing the water placed at least 50m away from each other. It was really calming just lying there for the 30-40 minutes it took for it to go from sundown to almost pitch black. The whole area was also very romantically lit during the night time. But yeah, this is by far the best way I’ve caught a sunset. Love em!



Our room were big with two bathrooms, a livingroom and a bedroom with two balconies. It was almost like a suite. It had the typical “american luxury not too mordern” type of feeling which I know many luxury hotels go for, but is not really my cup of tea. Next up is Seminyak, let’s see what it has to offer :) Xx


10 kommentarer om “Chapter 2 – Pan Pacific, Tanah Lot”

    Jag har läst din blogg i lite mindre än ett år nu och går in på den dagligen. Men jag skulle tycka att det vore sjukt kul och intressant om du någon gång, på något sätt, berättade om hur du kom dit där du är nu. Hur allting började, hur det blev ditt jobb osv. För någon gång skulle jag själv vilja ha en “modeblogg”, om man kan säga så haha. Och det finns tusentals av dem, men jag hittar ingen som jag själv kan bli inspirerad av, förutom du. Så ifall du någon gång skulle kunna tänka dig att göra något liknande, så finns det väldigt många som skulle tycka att det var kul. Kram :)


    love this, you put so many informations in this posts (but only relevant ones) so we really know if this place would be our cup of tea or not. cant wait for more of this :) wonderful photos also ofc!!! like always <3 enjoy your time!


    This looks so gorgeous. It’s a shame though that they didn’t really have a beach you could go to. But besides that it looks really pretty! Enjoy your time there!


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    När skulle vi få se hur du gör dina lockar? Eller ligger det uppe någonstans?:)


    Hey! Which camera do you use? I love your photos. X


    stunning pictures! the pavilions look amazing…pretty sure you had an amazing view :)

    by the way…you’re body is perfection. you look amazing girl!


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