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Chapter 6 – Hu’u Villa, Seminyak

Dear travel diary

July 31, 2015 08:08


Dear travel diary,

Sixth spot we stayed at was Hu’u Villa in Seminyak. We got a beautiful villa in a complex where I felt the average guest age was slight younger than we’ve encountered on this trip. They serve breakfast until 17:00 just so you can party late and still catch the breakfast… :) Are you kind of getting where I’m going?


It was more of a modern type of villa with huge windows as you see on the pictures below. It suited me really good since this felt a little like the place we’re renovating for ourselves home in Sweden, except we don’t have a pool :(


FannyLyckmanHuuVilla-8444 FannyLyckmanHuuVilla-7001 FannyLyckmanHuuVilla-7422


Pool area was cool. We had a family in the villa next door which was making a lot of noise but other than that I really liked the area.





Waking up to this wasn’t too bad ;)



Hu’u Villa had their own bistro with a really good selection and quality of food. It wasn’t too high priced, not too low, but it was really good. The breakfast they made was amazing too. If you stay here, I recommend their restaurant. They also allow you to order from a couple of chosen restaurants nearby and get it for your as room service. This was also pretty cool, only downside was the presentation since it was “take away” packed and brought to your villa. But I like the idea!



It was a good place to catch up with some work. Took some cool photos and edited some of the photos taken on the trip so far.



Over all, this Villa is for everybody. It does though suit a younger guest since it has a few benefits like the breakfast thing. It’s also seems to be branded a bit in that direction just because of that particular service. I don’t know, might be just me. The staff was really nice and were very helpful with us trying to find the best location to surf. 10-15 minutes away from our beach was a really good spot for surfers that we unfortunately didn’t have the time to check out. But good to know if you’re into that :) I did really like the place tho and I see myself going back! Hope you guys got a little feeling of how it looked :) Xx

Win a festival-fashion makeover with Zoégas and me!

July 28, 2015 19:29

FannyLyckman_Zoega-festivalI’ve been to a lot of festivals and every time I spend extra time choosing what to wear! Its that time where you can go out of your comfort zone and dress a little over the top! Maybe you wanna be a hippie just for a day or maybe you all of a sudden feel like coloring your hair pink. Festivals is the time when this is appreciated and that’s why I love festival fashion.

I’m pro going a little bananas and this year you might even get rewarded for your craziness. At least if you come and hang with me at Way Out West! Because together with ZOÉGAs, I’ll be giving our free clothes and a fashion-make over to five lucky winners (one each new hour  amongst those who dares to wear their most distasteful (or fun/crazy!) outfit to the festival. After that I need a photograph with each winner for comparing, hopefully I changed your appearance for the better ;)

This is part of ZOÉGAs campaign to bring a more tasteful life to anyone behaving in a non-tasteful way. The worse you dress, the more likely you are to win! Got you some inspiration … ;)

Photosource: Getty Images

The competition will be held at Way Out West Aug 14th from 13:00-18:00 (me attending) and Aug 15th from 14:00-19:00 (Angelica Blick attending) in ZOÉGAs Coffee Lounge. If you’re more Good Taste than Bad Taste you’re of course more than welcome to hit the tent to just hang out with me between the same hours and drink ZOÉGAs coffee :) Check out their film about getting a more tasteful life below!


Hope to see you there in good or bad outfits!!! Xx

Yes Please

July 28, 2015 14:09


Black & White bag pompom: HERE / Bracelet: HERE / Iphone case HERE / Shoes: HERE / Dress: HERE / Black bag pompom: HERE / Moschino keychain: HERE / Bag: HERE

Chapter 5 – Melia, Nusa Dua

July 26, 2015 20:00

Dear travel diary,

Firth place on our list is The Garden Villas in Melia Bali, located in a gated community in Nusa Dua. Before you get to the hotel you have to drive through a security check to just enter the big restort complex holding like 20-25 five star hotels. It actually almost had a Palm springs feeling to it while driving in through the gates. We didn’t know much about the place before we arrived, but this is what it was like :)


Almost every hotel we’ve stayed at, except The Grove Villas has been huge. And yes, this was even bigger, might be the biggest one if you take away the golf court from Pan Pacific. It was more of a traditional hotel when it comes to rooms, restaurants and interior. We lived in a villa with our own garden, pool, two pavillions (one for eating and one for relaxing – as if you needed two :)) It felt like our own mini mansion.




As every big hotel they also had a big pool area with different bars, games and water sports and stuff. Something I really liked though was the juice bar where they made fresh juice right on the spot.



The hotel was beach front and as a villa owner you had access to a private pavilion, which we of course got to know the last day of our stay. The beach was pretty quiet and along side it you have a lot of hotels with their own restaurants so there was a lot to choose from. On this beach, I guess since it’s on the other side of Bali than Kuta for example, the waves wasn’t as good for surfing. Instead, water sports like Jetski, Windsurfing and Paddle board was big there. It felt very “resorty”, where you wanna go and just relax and stay in the sun beds. That’s the feeling I got.



We ate at the hotels beach front restaurant and during night time these restaurants were super romantic with lit candles hanging from the trees and stuff.



Right before we left on the last day we squeezed in a double massage. They used some kind of Lemon Grass oil that I thought smelled so good that I bought a bottle for my self :D




This is a hotel for the one who just want to relax a few days. We stayed there way too short to be able to try and see everything but I’ll still try to make a short summery. It’s a bit off from the action which makes it very calm and family friendly. It’s “resorty” and has alof of activities and tours for both adults and kids. For the villas I would recommend it to those who like more of the traditional and not the minimalistic type of feeling when it comes to interior and exterior. It’s also very very majestic, which makes it more of a honey moon villa than a “just going on some vacation” – villa. We didn’t try the “ordinary rooms” but by the looks of it from the outside I think the onces with the lagoon access are the ones you would want ;) Next chapter we’re going back to Seminyak! Xx

indonesia, you're family

July 26, 2015 02:41