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April 8, 2015 11:28


90’s style, a few years ago we probably would have vomit on this combo but now it feels so on point!! Xx

Pharrell x Adidas

April 7, 2015 11:10

FannyLyckman-Pharell-adidas-KLAR2 FannyLyckman-Pharell-adidas-KLAR3FannyLyckman-Pharell-adidas-KLAR6FannyLyckman-Pharell-adidas-KLAR4FannyLyckman-Pharell-adidas-KLAR7

Swimsuit from Asos (HERE) / Shoes from Pharrell x Adidas


April 6, 2015 11:57

This is a recap from my trip to LA and Palm Springs that i did earlier this year. Had my GoPro with me, so took the oppertunity to shoot some life footage! Hope you like it! Xx

SNAPCHAT: fannylyckman1

April 5, 2015 20:29


If you want to follow my every day snaps, don’t forget to ad me on Snapchat; fannylyckman1

Low on material right now but promise to get out there and get some outfit pics for you guys asap! And thank you so much for all you’re though about my hair! You’re the best!! Haven’t decided yet but it feels like I might go blonde attest for a while! Hope you’re having a great easter so far!! Xx <3


April 3, 2015 17:44


I do love my brunette hair but god, I really starting to miss the blonde, and these pictures doesn’t make it any better. I know I’ts a luxury to feel comfortable in both, but how do you choose If you identify with both colors?

What if I want to go back to being brunette the second I’m blonde? Or what if I feel like everything is back to place and should have done it a long time ago? Cause it’s really stupid to bleetch and destroy your hair if it’s only for a couple of months…

I think that springtime makes me wanna go lighter. But really.. why is that? Brunette are sooo hot in the summer. Brown hair to bare skin.. YAS! But….. so are blonde. Need to take a good long thinking session on this one! Xx