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Fanny Lyckman x Zalando – STHLM FW

February 11, 2015 17:43


A little video for you guys about my collaboration with Zalando during Stockholm Fashionweek! We had a walk in closet with our favorite items from to chose from every morning in a suite at Diplomat hotel! Such a luxury! Spent almost all my time between shows there, working, eating, changing, yeah you name it! Rami had his camera up and running to help us with snapshots and videos! Hope you like it! <3

See the whole video and read more about HERE! Xx

Black and white sneakers

February 10, 2015 09:47


1. HERE    2. HERE    3. HERE    4. HERE    5. HERE    6. HERE

My favorites right now! Black and white sneakers are so fresh! I did mine at NikeID last fall, and I’ve used them to everything! Best buy for real, and right now the stores are full of options. Here is my favorites! Xx

HOW TO: Make your curls hold

February 7, 2015 15:35


Step 1:

Separate your hair and apply dry schampoo in the bottom. Massage it into your hair and scalp.


Step 2.

Put half of your hair up in a bun on top of your hair.


Step 3

Start iron the lower part of your hair. Take the bun out, separate carefully and iron the rest of the hair. Wait for it to cool off.


Step 4:

Separate the curls carefully and apply dry schampoo in the lengths. Finish with hairspray (firm/strong hold) all over your hair.


Don’t forget to put heat protection in your hair before drying, or iron. I know I can be really sloppy and ignore that step but it makes a difference for your hair quality in the long run.

If you’re hair doesn’t curl easy, add more texture with sea salt spray or if you like me have dry hair with a lot of texture apply a small amount of oil in your ends before you start.




SVT flow: Kändisklipparna

February 6, 2015 17:55


Som ni säkert vet så är det MarreSalong bangs som ligger bakom the magic när det kommer till klipp, färg och extensions! Jag har gått hos honom i 2 år nu och både han, och hans fru Marcella är redan som en del av min familj! Känns som att jag springer in på Salongen var och varannan vecka för touch up, styling eller ny färg och Marre gör alltid tid för mig trots att han är mer än fullbokad!

Sveriges bästa frisör no doubt!

Igår släpptes hans tv-serie “Kändisklipparna”Svt – Flow där ni får följa Marres karriär och hela gänget på Salong Bangs.

Avsnittet hittar ni HÄR!

Translation: Feels like we have a hair week this week so I’m gonna stay with that topic this week out!
Swedens finest hairdresser and also my amazing friend, Marre Hitti released his tv-serie Celebrity hairdressers ”Kändisklipparna” yesterday at svt flow! Watch it HERE!

hair experiment: afro curls

February 6, 2015 00:07