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Fashion week snaps

January 25, 2015 18:20


In the cab heading to a show in New york, (september-14)


At Phillip Lims  amazing show in New York, (september-14)


Outfit snap from Stockholm Fashion week last January.


Stockholm fashion week -14.


The view over central park. (september-14)


Paris snapshots, (september -13)


Wearing my designs at Paris fashion week, (september -13)


Meatballs at Berns asian kitchen under fashion week last winter.


Fashion snap from Paris, (september – 13)


Close up on my details at Stockholm fashion week (aug – 14)


Fashion snap from Paris, (september – 13)


 Backstage before Hunkydory’s show, Stockholm FW (aug – 14)


 Outfit snap from New York last september.


 Andreas, Vic and Kenza sitting on the other side of the catwalk.


 Food stop at Brinkleys for the best burgers with sweet potato fries. (New York – 14)


Amazing show at Stockholm FW by the school of textils and designs.


 Stockholm FW, aug- 14


Paris <3


 Fashion snap from Paris, (September – 13)


 The models for Back where rockin’ Nike socks instead of shoes at Stockholm FW.


 Luxury kick off breakfast at Diplomat hotel.

This fall just flew by so fast. When I look at the pictures from New York it feels almost like yesterday we where eating burgers at Brinkleys, walking over the Brooklyn bridge and flew over New York city in a helicopter. I can’t say I’m over exited for fashion week this January. It’s so cold outside, and its ice and snow every where! It’s probably an extrem health risk just to take a step in heels but still theres a part of me that really look forward to this 3 days freezing and stumbling. Fashion does that to you.

Even when you hate it you love it. Xx

Monthly Beauty Routines

January 22, 2015 18:59


I know you’re a little curious of my beauty routines, and I haven’t been writing so much about beauty yet but I think it’s time let you in on some of my beauty secrets!

I love make up, but it doesn’t always do much for me if I don’t feel good without, so I’m gonna start with the stuff that I doing every month or once a week to keep myself in shape and feel beautiful even without make up.



This is my favorite! I’s both good for your skin and makes you feel so fresh. I’ve been going once a week or once every other week at Stockholm Beauty for over a year now and I love it. Visit their website HERE and time booking HERE.



To keep your hair and nails fresh are also very important for me. I always go to Marre Hitti at Salong Bangs (@bangsbymarre). He is the best hair dresser in town and also the sweetest guy on earth. I known him for less then 2 years and he already feels like family to me.

When I was blonde I went to him to get highlights every 7th week and new extensions every 3th month. Now as a brunette I go once a month to fresh up the color and using clip in hair extensions. It’s very important to let your hair rest once in a while and the winter always feels like the best time to do it..

Nails! Isn’t it amazing how the nail art has been so popular these last couple of year? I do my nails around every 3th week at Stockholm beauty. Ask for Marie Eklund she’s a real star and always up for new fun designs and ideas! I love to do experiment with length, patterns, shape and colors. It think it works so well with my style and flawless nails is one of the most important accessories to give your outfit that extra. You’ll find her instagram HERE and booking HERE.



I try to eat Healthy 6 days out of 7 every week but I have to admit, I’m a all or nothing kinda girl, even if it’s about eating a lot, a little healthy not healthy. I probably tried it all but I’m not consistent. This fall however I really tried to get a healthier lifestyle eating and better balance in my life, with a food schedule and workout schedule made by my friend Alexandra Bring (@alexandrabring on instagram) who works as a personal trainer. Basically I eat Chicken and red meet, (don’t like fish) Potatoes, rice, sallad, protein yoghurt (kesella) and egg whites and try to avoid sause, dressings, bread, pasta and junkfood. (5-6 days of 7 of course) I try to work out 5 times a week, mixing cardio, lifting weights and thai boxing, but when I’m busy its more like 2 times a week, and on vacations I kinda quit with all of it unfortunately, but thats ok once in a while if you ask me.



A pretty new routine for me is to color my eyebrows. As a brunette it’s kinda important to keep them colored, if your don’t want to look like a blonde girl that colored your hair. Sometimes I do it myself with Depend home kit and sometimes Marie Eringstad, (also working at Stockholm beauty) get it done before or after she gives me a massage.

I’m not that good at getting facials or doing those mask things at home but I love getting massages. I try to spoil myself at least once a month with Classic, combinated or Taktil massages (a lighter massage thats release and sort out all your stress and  improve your immune system) . I can honestly say that it really makes a difference when I’m sore or stressed, and it’s just that extra luxury in life that dosen’t have to cost so much. Last time I did try a combined massage with a “natural facelift”. Not sure if it works,  you never know, but it fels really amazing and so relaxing. You’ll find her instagram page HERE and time booking HERE.

Hope you like the post! Xx

LA – Snapshots

January 21, 2015 18:39


In the car on our way to Santa Monica.


Kales-salad at Tiago on Hollywood boulevard.


On the road.


Found a cute place in Santa Monica with the most amazing crepe I ever tasted! 


Drinks at True food with the girls. 

Close up

January 19, 2015 17:17


Close ups from Morocco, in my favorite shades from Ray Ban.

Brand New Louboutin's

January 18, 2015 17:16


About those christmas gifts..! Also got this pair of Louboutins from my boyfriend as well! How sweet is he? Kinda figured I was getting a pair of shoes, after a sudden interest in heel hights, my shoe sizes, and what kind of colors I like. I couldn’t be more happy though! Everyone deserves to have a pair of red bottomed pair ;) <3