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Spring accessories

January 31, 2015 20:02


1. HERE   2. HERE   3. HERE   4. HERE   5. HERE   6. HERE    7. HERE   8. HERE   9. HERE   10. HERE

Thai boxing at Allstar

January 29, 2015 20:54


Snaps before my boxing class yesterday. Just started with Thai boxing with a personal trainer (@theworkoutplan on instagram) in November at Allstar, and it’s so fun! Its the best workout for upper body if your not really into lifting all the time. You get your heart rate up and your stress and out of the system. Only issue is the fact that you can’t really have the kind of nails that I like. I try to do long for 3 weeks and just work out at the gym and then short for 3 weeks so I can box. I guess sometimes you have to compromise! ;)

Light grey overknee

January 29, 2015 00:16


Furvest from Passport / Blouse from Selected femme / Shorts from LA  / Bag from Prada / Overknee boots from Mai Piu Senza / Watch from Softesh / Chain bracelet from Oxxo / Black and gold bracelet from Hermes

Fashion week day 3! Been working with Zalando this 3 days picking out some of my favorites from their website, and as you can see on the links I wear a lot of it today as well! It’s been amazing to have that extra closet now when my other clothes are in boxes and un up-packed suitcases. Did I even tell you that I both a new apartment with my boyfriend? Got so much in my head that I’m not even sure what I have, and haven’t told you yet. Been up since 07. am (again) working all day with both fashion week, shooting a little video for you guys and finishing up some designs that I’ll sent out in the end of this week! It’s really starting to happened now! It’s so amazing and soon I’ll let you in on the ride on the journey of my new clothing line! Can’t wait! Xx

YSL mini bag

January 27, 2015 20:31


Fur vest from Passport / Bikerjacket from Minusey / Top from Repeat / Scarf from Fraas / Jeans from New Look / Heels from Sam Edelman / Furtail – Vintage 

My look of today! Wearing Zalando today as well. Maybe not the best pictures, the location is kinda dull but at least you’ll get the hole outfit and a detail pic on my new baby bag from ysl! I’ve been so bussy with the shows and some really exiting meetings so the snapshots has to wait until tomorrow, need to get some dinner and some sleep! Xx

Love Moschino

January 26, 2015 21:47


Jacket  from Moschino / Bag from Moschino / Overknee boots from Mai Piu Senza / T-shirt from Criminal Damage / Bracelet from Oxx0

First day at Sthlm Fashion week and its freezing. My outfit didn’t make it any better I guess but I love the combo so it was worth it! I’m actually doing a styling job for Zalando this fashion week and they are holding a closet for me at Hotel Diplomat to choose from! Haven’t been shopping so much from Zalando before but they got a lot of really good stuff and this jacket is really one of a kind! <3

Been up since 07 am working my ass off, and so it feels good to be done for today. Getting back to with snapshots from the shows and my second outfit tomorrow. Stay put! Xx