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Plan Sverige #förhenne

December 8, 2014 08:27

Nu är den här! Vår film som vi har skapat tillsammans med Plan för flickors rättigheter, och som är huvuddelen i vårt samarbete under hösten tillsammans med Plan Sverige. Det har varit så grymt roligt att få vara delaktig i detta projekt och jag är så stolt och imponerad över hur många som hoppade på movementet och bidrog med er röst! Ni är så tunga! Hjälp till och gör skillnad genom att sprida filmen vidare! Du kan även beställa ditt eget band HÄR <3

Black fur, golden details

December 8, 2014 02:13


Bracelets from Minusey

Sneak peek on my latest shoot in Stockholm! Arrived to the camp in Morocco yesterday night, and had my first surf lession today! Yeaay! It was so fun and I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow! Need my sleep! Xx

Because I’m a Girl

December 5, 2014 22:57


Packing for Marocko! 1 week of sun, friends and alooot of surfing a head and I’m so exited!!

I also want to remind you all about this project we are doing with @plansverige, to make a differens and help girls everywhere to fight for their human rights. We got together 14 persons and did something very special, and it will be up on our blogs on monday, so don’t miss it! Until then join the movement by getting your own bracelet HERE! <3

Nobis hotel

December 3, 2014 18:54

FannyLyckman-NobisHotel1 FannyL-nobis2Fanny-Nobis3IMG_3907FannyL-nobis1

Spent my day yesterday at Nobis hotel with my boyfriend celebrating his birthday! It was so nice to just stay in this year, eating to much candy watching movies and just enjoy being together. We both work a lot and have a hectic schedule so this was exactly what we needed to get that extra power for this last couple of weeks before LA! And guess what!? Tomorrow I put some time in for shooting a little clip on how I turn these over knee boots to short boots. Better late then never huh? Its really simple, but I know Its requested and I’m sorry that I haven’t done it sooner! Guess I had kind of a blog-dry lately. Well that will change, so stay put! <3

Todays tumblr search

December 1, 2014 21:02

Skarmavbild 2014-12-01 kl. 20.50.45Skarmavbild 2014-12-01 kl. 20.48.13Skarmavbild 2014-12-01 kl. 20.51.29 Skarmavbild 2014-12-01 kl. 20.52.57 Skarmavbild 2014-12-01 kl. 20.53.52 Skarmavbild 2014-12-01 kl. 20.55.42


Love hanging out on tumblr at this season. There are so much inspiration everywhere. I’m going crazy. Need to take some awesome photos ASAP. Need that summer that sun and need those Louboutins! Xx