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New york Yankees

December 20, 2014 17:46

FannyLyckman-NYWhite1 FannyLyckman-NYWhite

Top – HERE / Shades – Ray ban


Morocco sunsets

December 18, 2014 00:22

FannyLyckman-surfLR-MoroccoRoad1 FannyLyckman-surfLR-MoroccoRoad2 FannyLyckman-surfLR-MoroccoRoad3



Back into the waves

December 17, 2014 10:08


Snapshots in action this time. I realized that almost all my pictures is not even on the beach just front the hotel and the surroundings. Always kept my camera in the surf house, since I was in the water all the time but this day I brought it with me! Another rainy morning in Stockholm, and a lot of catch up on work to do! Wish I could go back into the waves.

Warrior prinsess

December 16, 2014 13:34

FannyLyckman-Palm1FannyLyckman-Palm3FannyLyckman-SurfDiary6FannyLyckman-Palm4 FannyLyckman-Palm2

Bikini from Asos ( similar HERE) / Levis cut uffs (HERE) / Fake tattoos ( find them HERE and HERE) / Headband from Regal rose (HERE)

Working from the beach house

December 15, 2014 19:58


Stole Ramis hat and took a selfie.


Golden tattoos (Find them HERE, and HERE)


Lunch at the surf house.


Wish I was back in that beach house writing this post in my bikini, but unfortunately I’m not. I’m back in Stockholm where it’s dark cold and rainy! Not really my dream, but I got both christmas and LA to look forward to, so I’m feeling pretty good anyway.  I think I might found a new love in surfing, and my trip here on the blog are not over yet! I still got a lot of posts to share with you. So stay close to your phone! I had so much fun down there and hopefully I’ll go surf again with La point in the spring and maybe even upgrade to level 2! Really felt like I got a hang of it the last day!

BTW! I’m so glad you liked the video that I posted yesterday! Your comments really makes me smile! <3