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November 24, 2014 17:03


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Vid köp för över 1500 sek får du 25% rabatt hos Nelly med koden: CHRISTMASFANNY


November 22, 2014 19:34



Spending the weekend with my boyfriend just stay’in in watching movies and cuddle. Thats actually the only thing I like about this weather. Don’t feel bad about doing nothing. Xx

Easy Money

November 20, 2014 19:40


T-shirt from Imso (HERE) / Beanie – Old

This is my outfit post of today! T-shirt, beanie and panties. Its been raining all day, and I’ve been spending all afternoon in my bed, protesting, skype-ing with by friend Daniella in LA! And guess what!? I’ll finally going back! Just bought the plan tickets so I’ll be spending 2 weeks in sunny LA, celebrating New Years and partying like theres no tomorrow! Love my life this second! I’m so blessed to get everything that I have,  friends and family that I love and you guys! <3

Hope to see you at my event for NCLA at Pinkroom tomorrow! Read more about it HERE!

Surfcamp in Marocko

November 19, 2014 18:34

FannyLyckman-Surfing-PS1-980x653 Skarmavbild 2014-11-07 kl. 16.19.56

DT_Grilo_Marokko_PH Daniel Tengs

Tillsammans med 8 andra härliga brudar och vår grymma fotograf Rami Hanna, kommer jag dra på Lapoints surfläger i Marocko i december och lära mig surfa! Hur kul!? I samband med Kickstart fick jag lära mig grunderna under en eftermiddag, men lyckades bara stå upp på brädan i ca 2 sekunder, och ända sedan dess har jag varit så grymt sugen på att boka så jag får lära mig på riktigt! Jag kommer nog köra level 1 till en början med får väl se och jag lyckas ta mig uppåt längs veckans gång! Självklart tar jag med mig kameran och har även köpt en GoPro så jag ska kunna filma ute i vattnet! Bara 3 veckor kvar!!

Translation: Just booked a surf trip with Lapoint to Marocko with 8 other girls and our talented photographer Rami Hanna! When I was shooting for Kickstart I had the chance to try just for an afternoon I was hooked! Finally I get the opportunity to learn how to surf for real, and of course I’ll bring my camera for the ride! So exited!!

Blonde to Brunette

November 18, 2014 19:20

Fanny59Fanny57 Fanny56

Yes I did it!!! I have to admit I was scared! I’ve been blonde for a very long time, so I had no idea if I would feel comfortable in this, but I actually love it! Well at least I think I do, still not used to it so every time I pass a mirror I get a little scared! I always get a loot of questions about my hair, the color I use and I never would have tried this if it wasn’t for my amazing hairdresser Marre (@bangsbymarre) at Salong Bangs. He his pure perfection when it comes to coloring hair, and now I know that also applies to brown shades! Want to hear about what you think, so leave a comment gals and boys!! Xx