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illest in here

April 21, 2014 14:03

FannyLyckmanLA3-RbrikFannyLyckmanLA3-2FannyLyckmanLA3-3More LA pics. Love my new cropped top from Zara. Its a perfect mix of sport and class, so you can wear it with anything and it will look fab! Classy or trill, your choice! Hope your weekend was as great as mine! Xx


Skarmavbild 2014-04-21 kl. 13.42.24Skarmavbild 2014-04-21 kl. 13.49.33Skarmavbild 2014-04-21 kl. 13.43.09Skarmavbild 2014-02-28 kl. 08.25.41Skarmavbild 2014-04-14 kl. 09.20.38



Throwback chanel

April 17, 2014 19:06

fannylyckmanchanel1_193720766throwbackfannylyckmanchanel2_liten_193720807fannylyckmanchanel3_liten_193720833fannylyckmanchanel4_liten_193720867 I guess a lot of you guys remember the first pic. It was my banner for a long time! Shooting this was epic.
Did any of you remember the whole post? Xx


April 17, 2014 11:27

FannyLyckman-FleamarketPS-RubrikFannyLyckman-FleamarketPS-4FannyLyckman-FleamarketPS-3FannyLyckman-FleamarketPS-2FannyLyckman-FleamarketPS-5Tänkte passa på att tipsa er om “Melrose trading post”, en grym fleamarket som arrangeras varje söndag på Melrose/Fairfax i LA. Jag hade bara 1 timma på mig när vi kom dit innan allt stängde men måste hade gärna varit där längre! Det fanns ett grymt utbud av jeansshorts, jeansjackor vintage t-shirt i stil med det man kan hitta på Beyond retro, drömfångare, unika smycken och pälsar till superbra priser. Själv köpte jag ett par grymt snygga levis shorts för 20 dollar, vilket motsvarar ungefär 130 sek!


If you ever in LA I wanted to give you a tip about a Flea market on Melrose/Fairfax. I just had 1h to shop before they where closing, but next time I’ll definitely be there in time. They had a great selection of vintage shorts, t-shirts, demin jackets, dream catchers and fur to a great price. I left with a great pair of vintage levis shorts and it only cost me 20 dollars!

Glitter tutorial 3

April 16, 2014 12:59

GlitterDress – HERE

Dags för min 3:dje tutorial med Glitter där jag visar hur man gör en fiskbensfläta med dekorationer. Ett bra alternativ om du inte vill bära krans på midsommar eller som en kul after beach look. Självklart kan du även använda dig av andra dekorationen som fjädrar, pärlor, guldkedjor eller fixa håret med color bugs innan du flätar! Hoppas ni gillar det <3


Its time for the tutorial nr 3 with Glitter, and this time I’ll show you hor to do a fishbone braid with decorations. A great look to wear at summer partys or after beach. I’ve used flowers in mine but you can also use feathers, pearls, chains and style your hair with color bugs before you start to braid. Hope you’ll enjoy it <3


Kickstart episode 5

April 16, 2014 12:14

episode 5

5th episode of kickstart is out! I remember the work out on the beach like it was yesterday. My whole body was in pain from the day before and even if they just show 2 minutes in the show we did this för 30 minutes without any rest and the sand was so deep that it felt like you barley moved when you where running. Kick as workout. Not my prettiest moment but it felt really good!