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Throwback “I don’t really give a fuck”

March 13, 2014 22:24

It’s my first day in LA and I’m soooo so sorry for bad update lately, my life has ben so bussy lately, but now I’m finally here ands I love every moment! The clock is 14.22 in the afternoon, the sun is shining, and were are on our way to Melrose for some shopping! New outfit post will be up tomorrow <3



Baddest boyfriend jeans

March 10, 2014 19:50

OneTeaspoon-FannyLRubrikBought these around a week ago and I have to say is the best boyfriend jeans I ever had! Perfect fit and the perfect color. Thinking about getting the black ones as well!


Skärmavbild 2014-03-10 kl. 19.22.18Skarmavbild 2014-03-10 kl. 19.33.14Skarmavbild 2014-03-10 kl. 19.36.20Skarmavbild 2014-03-10 kl. 19.39.32Jeans


Proenza Schouler

March 9, 2014 19:08

I finally got my roots done this week, and I’m so happy over the color!! It’s just a little brighter then before but it makes so much difference, and Marre, my hairdresser, really is the best on what he does!

Today I’m a mess! I’m so tired its ridicules! I’ve been working a lot lately and I still haven’t got rid of my cold so I needed this day just lying on the couch eating strawberries and watching tv series. Attitude is over and I have to say, I feel so blessed to have you as my readers! I had such a great time, and I hope you did to! <3


Skarmavbild 2014-03-09 kl. 18.37.35Skarmavbild 2014-03-09 kl. 18.45.14Skarmavbild 2014-03-09 kl. 18.41.52Skarmavbild 2014-03-09 kl. 18.34.19Skarmavbild 2014-02-17 kl. 08.06.55


Throwback – 2 broke girls

March 6, 2014 20:08


Me and my BFF 2 years ago! She is in town over the weekend and I’m so glad to have her here! <3 I’ve been cleaning out my closet today and found some great stuff for the market sale on saturday! Now I just have some last prepping to do before I go to bed. Hopefully I see you tomorrow!




March 6, 2014 10:38

weekend-inspiration_Rubrik copyinterior2Skärmavbild 2013-06-02 kl. 17.09.34tumblr_mghl7ifrrB1rzg8yuigso1_500tumblr_my8btbQLgjKx1qzleu4o1_500source: tumblr.