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My day at the loft. Just got a new hashtag for our penthouse! Like it? Pretty much the penthouse but just “pen” as a little twist, since my boyfriend is a singer song writer and I love to design and write on my blog we though it was a suitable name! Creative huh?

Lets talk about something else…  How amazing are life in leggings and sweat shorts?

My new thing.



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87_MG_3812-Edit - Photo by Fabian Wester11_MG_0882-Edit - Photo by Fabian Wester22_MG_1288-Edit - Photo by Fabian Wester85_MG_2418-Edit - Photo by Fabian Wester76_MG_3343-Edit - Photo by Fabian Wester15_MG_1057-Edit - Photo by Fabian Wester67_MG_3037-Edit - Photo by Fabian Wester31_MG_1878-Edit - Photo by Fabian Wester

Pictures by:  Fabian Wester

What a weekend! I had a blast! 3 days of party, amazing people and music! Summer is the time we all looking forward to so what ever you do, don’t forget to enjoy it! The time is now!

At my loft

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Im Wearing:

Top: NLY (link)

Bikini bottom: MISBHV (link)

Jeansshort: Levis (link)

Socks: Adidas (link)