The Blowout chair

Collaboration with TRESemme
20170524 18:02




Welcome to my episode of The Blowout Chair by TRESemmé! In this episode my amazing hairstylist Marre Hitti will show you exactly what to do to get the perfect beachy waves, which is my favorite hairstyle! With me I´ll have my babygurl Roshi who will ask me questions during the blowout, I´ll reveil my favorite Disney princess and much, much more! Enjoy!




4 Responses to “The Blowout chair”

  1. fabienne on

    Snyggaste tjejen i världen, its even unreal!!!!! So stunning and lovely!! <3 BUT I need an english translation for thiiiiiissssss :((( i understood some of it like your favorite Disney princess is mulan and you love the salad from toast LA. what did she ask you right after the disney princess question when you said: nej! ? :) and towards the end when she asked about the school. were you hanging with the cool kids or did you study lots? :D Do you have some extensions in your hair right now (this episode) or is it all yours? aannyyways…so many questions ;D Loved the episode obviously…i mean you are in it <3

  2. Lollo on

    Vilken sorts locktång har ni användt er utav i denna video? Vore ju super om ni kunde berätta det :-) Blev ju sååå snyggt!! KRAM

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