Zanzibar photodiary

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Chillin’ at the beach on our hotel.




How cute are these signs? Passed this every day on my morning walk.


Wearing a bikini favorite from Chiquelle swimwear! Find it HERE.





@jannid and @inesstagram posing for @chimieyewear



Poolin’ by the spa area at Baranza hotel.



Made a stop in Istanbul to see Turkish airlines amazing lounge! Felt like we were stoping at a luxury hotel. We had an 8 our stop on our way home and made it feel lite 2 just eating good food and chillin’ at the area!



Took a day trip to the blue lagoon to do some diving! So glad I got my diving certificate last year.





How cute are these two!? <3





Visited a local school in a village nearby our resort.



The kids playing football at the school wanted me to be in their team picture! They where so kind and cute! <3

Such a blessing to meet and talk to local people while traveling.





Having my lunch by the pool.

Beach selfie.


The passion juice was to die for!


Matching the ocean in my Chimi eyewear!


HOW CUUUUTE??? This little fellow didn’t want to leave my arm.


The bathroom at the Baranza spa.



Snapchat selfie from the trip! —-> @fannylyckman1


Saying my goodbye to Zanzibar with the sunrise as a backdrop.



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  1. SusannaVesna on

    Beautiful photos..But it is sad to see that the government clearly has cash to spend on hotels for tourists, but spares none of that cash for a school for their own children! :(


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