Ripped denim and Bling

In collaboration with Glitter
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Bracelets – HERE, HERE and HERE / Necklace – HERE / Rings – HERE, HERE and HERE


Next up in my Glitter collaboration is the not so obvious mix of bling bling and blue denim. Adding a trashed denim jacket to your 2 piece or dress is the perfect way to dress it down and add some extra edge, and it will look good with sneakers as well.

With this I also got the discount code: FANNY30  again so you’ll get 30% off on all jewelry and accessories online at and in all Glitter stores until midnight December 25!

Happy shopping!! <3

5 Responses to “Ripped denim and Bling”

  1. fabienne on

    Are you serious Fanny???????? I am in shock. You made me having that look on my face that the bad stepmom had when cinderella walked down the stairs after beeing locked up and told the servant to wait or when she brought the second pair of the shoe out after the other one got broken. You look absolutely STUNNING!!!! Like a billion bucks. You in combination with that outfit/jewellery is just too much. WOW <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


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