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20160923 19:03

Next concept: “Music”. I often get the question, “what inspires you?” and I have to say music is a big part of where I get my inspiration. Not only the music itself but also the visuals. I often listen to a certain type of music while shopping or choosing outfits to get in the right mood. When I watch music videos I really watch them. I look for colors I like, combinations I like and hairdos I like… Yeah you get the drill. The right video can be like a fashion magazine if you just look for it. That’s why I decided to share more of what I listen to and the type of visuals I get inspired by. These videos for example has been an inspiration for me to go more raw in my own visual expression. Hope you enjoy this new concept!


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  1. Andrea on

    Vad heter den låten när din tjejkompis satt i bilen o hade hög musik med en kille som sjöng typ ” do me ” och du gick mot henne. Du snapade detta typ igår.. Har letat som en galning efter låten men hittar inte.. Tacksam för svar!

  2. joanna on

    Yes gurl ! I feel ya, I have a similar vibe and taste in music, these videos are super inspiring ! You inspire me too and I would be sooooo grateful if you have a look at and comment on what can I improve as being new to blogging, I need a lot of improvement. How did you get involved with Next/ Cube anyway ? Big kisses xxx Joanna


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