7 days in paradise
20160823 20:33


AND THE FIRST STOP………..(drullwirl) IBIZA!!! I’ve been pretty exited over this! One of my best friend are the QUEEEEN of this Island, so she now all the hidden spots!

We are 4 girls who is going, and it’s actually sort of a late birthday celebration for me, since I got this trip as a gift from my besties!!  <3  We are planning for an amazing stay, full of beautiful beaches, boat trips, lazy pooldays at Destino, dinner parties and late night clubbing!

If we are exited!? YEAH BABY!


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  1. fabienne on

    yay,I am so happy for you !!! Sounds perfect!!! I Hope you gonna take us with you a bit via snapchat :)))) You and Klara are always so fun together (i love her laugh ;D) and it gets even better when your beautiful bff malin joins. You will have a hell of a fun thats for sure <3 <3 <3


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