I know when the hotline bling bling

HOOPS (idazy)
20160527 23:12

Shoutout to my babygirl down to the right! —> Visit her blog HERE



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9 Responses to “I know when the hotline bling bling”

  1. fabienne on

    OMG. i didnt doubt the fact that we like the same things. but i feel so strange right now. the pic at the top right is also in my saved pics and i (after watching all the vids from jlos album jlo) just bought a few days ago a couple of big golden hoops. she was aaall about the golden jewelry to this time and i felt so inspired by her style for this summer. :)) <3 enjoy your time in france, the video from today that alex captured was so fucking cute. did i watch it like a hundred times?!…maybe :) <3

    • fannylyckman on

      Hahaha you mean my snap story? Thanks babe!!!<3 Glad you're following me! Hope you didn't miss the old ladys pimp walk ;D Yeah I got a pair as well, as you can see in my all black thats right over this posts! Love them so much!! Xx

      • fabienne on

        Yes I meant your snap story :)) the one in which you dropped the snapback. your smile and your “oops” was soo cute. ofc i am following you <3 i never miss anything you snapped. love it so much that i can see more of your personality and life on it. <3

  2. Hedda Børresen on

    Fanny!! Kan ikke du skrive et innlegg hvor du har samlet de stedene du shopper mest fra? Får såååå mye inspirasjon fra deg!


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