Swimsuit shoppin’

BALI 2016
20160130 23:11

The tickets are booked! Going to Bali with some friends in the beginning of march and I’m really exited for this trip! Need to get some new swimwear tho, so scrolled through all they bikinis at Shopbop and picked out 6 of my favorites! Ordered the white one to the left. Looks amazing on!! Xx



1. HERE    2. HERE   3. HERE

4. HERE and HERE    5. HERE and HERE  6. HERE and HERE


Muay Thai in the mountains

08:00 steam blowin’
20160119 17:03










Trained with proffessional Muay Thai boxer Andi Jones up in the mountains yesterday morning! Four Seasons, Koh Samui has the craziest ring with a million dollar view. I can see myself train here more often :) Xx