Boyfriend biker jacket

Air force one’s
20151222 23:57
FannyLyckmanBlackLeather3 FannyLyckmanBlackLeather10 FannyLyckmanBlackLeather8 FannyLyckmanBlackLeather4FannyLyckmanBlackLeather6 FannyLyckmanBlackLeather2FannyLyckmanBlackLeather5


Credits & Ad-links:

Leatherjacket – HERE

Sneakers – Nike

Top – Vintage

Jeans – Asos


6 Responses to “Boyfriend biker jacket”

  1. fabienne on

    how?? how how how is this even physically possible to look like that??????? you are so unreal. you slay it every single time, genuinely every photo is flawless. i have seen multiple pics of you and on every single one you look stunning as hell. you are seriously too much for my nerves. you are innocently sexy and you have the baddest style. god created the whole world in one day and took the rest 6 days to create you. every single little detail of you (inside (from what i was blessed to see so far) and out) is pure perfection. you have the mind, the heart, the soul, the look…everything. aleks is fucking blessed!!!! <3 <3 <3

    • fabienne on

      aleXs ofc… could i mess up with that?? its your symbol? you always use the X and aleXs has even a x-tattoo. sorryyyy, no disrespect ;) XXXXXX <3


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