white sheets & tan lines

girls night
20151130 19:19
Fannylyckman-blackbody-Nobis7Fannylyckman-blackbody-Nobis4Fannylyckman-blackbody-Nobis3 Fannylyckman-blackbody-Nobis1

Hotel fun with my Bestie! Ended up attacking her with my pillow after this pic! ;D Want to see how that looked like?? Head in to my snapchat ASAP!! —–> fannylyckman1 ! Xx

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Mesh Bra – HERE

Body – HERE

14 Responses to “white sheets & tan lines”

  1. fabienne on

    I think the only way to describe this photos taken on this particularly night is: On fleek, babygirl. on fleek. ;)
    nah but seriously. they are so sexy & cute. how the hell do you do this. to be sexy and cute at the same damn time!? i loved the unpublished ones on your snap as much as these ones. your smile is gold. <3

    • fannylyckman on

      HAhaha yeah that was a inside joke way to over used that night! So funny that you really brought it up! Thank you so much hun! Your always so sweet!! <3

  2. Jesse Vänni on

    Hi Fanny! If you could read the email “Your opinion on healthy lifestyle?”. I sent it to your gmail. Thank you so much :)


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