Tell them I’ll be here

20151021 21:57
FannyLyckman-GreySweatpants-BlackBody-KLAR1 copyFannyLyckman-GreySweatpants-BlackBody-KLAR3FannyLyckman-GreySweatpants-BlackBody-KLAR4 FannyLyckman-GreySweatpants-BlackBody-KLAR10 FannyLyckman-GreySweatpants-BlackBody-KLAR6FannyLyckman-GreySweatpants-BlackBody-KLAR2FannyLyckman-GreySweatpants-BlackBody-KLAR8FannyLyckman-GreySweatpants-BlackBody-KLAR7

Photo: Oscar Jettman

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Sweatpants and body – H&M / Sneakers – Adidas Flux / Baseball tee – Asos

This body tho!! Love the highwaist, love everything with high waist now when I think of it.

Skirts, jeans, bodys, leggings. EVERYTHAANG really! Xx

Prada, prada, prada

october sundown
20151019 22:07

Photo: Oscar Jettman

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Leatherjacket – Minusey / Body – H&M / Jeans – Junkyard (old) / Shoes – NLY Shoes  / Bracelet – Hermés / Bag – Prada

So glad I bough this bag last fall! It’s such a classic model and color. Been wearing if  probably around 3 days a week over a year now and it still think it gives that extra!

As you can see, I also went a little lighter this time with my hair color.

Feels good to be blonde again! Xx

Perfectly (un)done

In collaboration with TRESémme
20151018 13:45

One of my every day looks!

So simple but still gives you that little extra!

For more styling tips watch the videos below! Xx


About those heels

Army, Black & camel
20151015 13:35



Photo: Oscar Jettman

Credits / Ad-links:

Army jacket – vintage / Jeans – Asos / Top – Missguided / Shoes – Schultz (HERE)

Wearing the shoes I showed you HERE a couple of weeks ago! Not as comfortable as my other Schutz shoes, but still a keeper!

Also want to give you a heads up about Shopbops discount code INTHEFAM25 ! Its only valid today and gives you a 25% off! I couldn’t stay away and clicked home another pair of shoes this morning!! More about that another time ;)

Happy Shopping!! Xx


Amazing moments
20151013 17:16

Throwback to last new years in LA!!! Oh god, I love this movie! So many memories! To be able to travel around the world and meet new people is really a gift! Thinking about Mexico next, anyone been? Xx