Lace up skirt

black on black
20151031 23:21
FannyLyckman-Henna-Blonde-Black2FannyLyckman-Henna-Blonde-Black5FannyLyckman-Henna-Blonde-Black6FannyLyckman-Henna-Blonde-Black3 FannyLyckman-Henna-Blonde-Black4

Photo: Linn Hansson

Credits / Ad-links:

Skirt – Missguided (HERE) / Top – Missguided (HERE) / Shoes – Alexander Wang x H&M / Jacket – Minusey


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  1. fabienne on

    you are so god damn fine!!! you are seriously perfection, such a goddess. this skirt is just made for you, such a nice piece, your bum looks amazing in it! you really convinced me to check out missguided more frequently, loved the dior looking shades from your last post, this top and skirt <3


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