5 días en España

vaycay baby
20150928 15:02








Shades – HERE / Bracelets – HERE & HERE / Rings – Torrvieja market / Top – Old / Swimsuit – Asos

Just landed from 5 days in Spain attending my amazing friend Amandas wedding! It was so nice to have these last 5 days of sun, mojitos, long days of relaxing and some unhealthy (but ooh god, so goood) food before I go back to my old rutins! I’m exited tho. The fall makes me exited! Full of energy to achieve what I want in life.


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  1. fabienne on

    uuufff FANNY!!!!!!!!!!!! you slaying my life! the last photo is soo fucking hot and beautiful. your lips are so shiny and looking so damn good combined with the shiny glasses. uuuff this photo is really burning!!!! fuuuuuuuck damn….YOUUUUU!!!! <3 <3 <3

    • fabienne on

      i am back now the 6.!!!! time to stare at those pics….i cant with you you are seriously unbelievable!!! and you will achieve everything you want. you have everything one needs to be successful. you just have to claim it! <3


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