Walk with me

Throwback bali, july 2015
20150923 9:33
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  1. fabienne on

    you are really magical fanny! you have such a intriguing spirit surrounding you that its so strong that everyone can feel it even trough your photos. you are completely offbeat and i think thats what makes you so indescribable. its this unique combination you have, of beeing very talented, creative, charismatic and versatile. you look like a goddess but in your heart you are partially a lil’ gipsy. you are confident and strong and at the same time so funny and straightforward. i admire you so so much, you have no idea. i am really not a typical fangirl and its not likely for me that i admire someone i dont know personally – i would never flip out for anyone, but you fanny, you catch and mesmerize me. I am extremely happy for you that you found alexander who seems to be your soulmate and who has also some undefinable magic surrounding him. LOVE <3


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