Black on black

Starting Stockholm fashion week in my new overknee sandals from Schultz! Get credits below.
20150827 9:08
FannyLyckmanBLACKonBLACK-FW1 FannyLyckmanBLACKonBLACK-FW2FannyLyckmanBLACKonBLACK-FW3FannyLyckmanBLACKonBLACK-FW5FannyLyckmanBLACKonBLACK-FW6FannyLyckmanBLACKonBLACK-FW7


Shoes from Schultz  / Skirt from Gina Tricot / Jacket from Minusey (HERE) / Top from Zara / Bag from Prada / Bracelets from Hermés and Tory Burch (HERE)

How do you like my shoes!? I’m involve and I think I found my new favorite shoe brand! Bought 2 pairs and they are both sexy as hell and really comfortable! You find the brand HERE!


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  1. fabienne on

    the sickest boots i have seen since a very long time!!!! they are soo fab!! i didnt find them online so they are probably sold out already but i for sure will check back if they come in again. love the whole outfit!!!! best outfit of the fw day 1 (i have checked out streetstyle pics from fw and i have to say that this time the outfits were mostly boring but yours is slaying) yaaaas fanny!!!! <3

    • fabienne on

      edit: which doesnt mean that the other outfits werent nice. i just felt that they were more everyday outfits and maybe a bit uncreative. a few were great though, have you seen the one at the long light blue blouse with the leather skirt. thats unusual and cool. do you agree with me or am i the only one who thinks that on fw you can spice your outfits a bit more up and be a bit more creative then usually?

  2. Minna on

    Hej Fanny! Hade inte du kunnat tipsa om fina jackor man kan ha i vinter? Kan man ha bomberjacka på vintern?? Finns inte så mycket fint tycker jag annars, men du har så snygg stil 😍kram!


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