Chapter 6 – Hu’u Villa, Seminyak

Dear travel diary
20150731 8:08

Dear travel diary,

Sixth spot we stayed at was Hu’u Villa in Seminyak. We got a beautiful villa in a complex where I felt the average guest age was slight younger than we’ve encountered on this trip. They serve breakfast until 17:00 just so you can party late and still catch the breakfast… :) Are you kind of getting where I’m going?


It was more of a modern type of villa with huge windows as you see on the pictures below. It suited me really good since this felt a little like the place we’re renovating for ourselves home in Sweden, except we don’t have a pool :(


FannyLyckmanHuuVilla-8444 FannyLyckmanHuuVilla-7001 FannyLyckmanHuuVilla-7422


Pool area was cool. We had a family in the villa next door which was making a lot of noise but other than that I really liked the area.





Waking up to this wasn’t too bad ;)



Hu’u Villa had their own bistro with a really good selection and quality of food. It wasn’t too high priced, not too low, but it was really good. The breakfast they made was amazing too. If you stay here, I recommend their restaurant. They also allow you to order from a couple of chosen restaurants nearby and get it for your as room service. This was also pretty cool, only downside was the presentation since it was “take away” packed and brought to your villa. But I like the idea!



It was a good place to catch up with some work. Took some cool photos and edited some of the photos taken on the trip so far.



Over all, this Villa is for everybody. It does though suit a younger guest since it has a few benefits like the breakfast thing. It’s also seems to be branded a bit in that direction just because of that particular service. I don’t know, might be just me. The staff was really nice and were very helpful with us trying to find the best location to surf. 10-15 minutes away from our beach was a really good spot for surfers that we unfortunately didn’t have the time to check out. But good to know if you’re into that :) I did really like the place tho and I see myself going back! Hope you guys got a little feeling of how it looked :) Xx

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  1. fabienne on

    ooh what a gorgeous place!!! I am really into this having a own villa thing. beautiful photos, i love your travel diary so much and the candid photos <3


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