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Pictures by:  Fabian Wester

What a weekend! I had a blast! 3 days of party, amazing people and music! Summer is the time we all looking forward to so what ever you do, don’t forget to enjoy it! The time is now!

At my loft

20150617 1:31


Im Wearing:

Top: NLY (link)

Bikini bottom: MISBHV (link)

Jeansshort: Levis (link)

Socks: Adidas (link)


20150612 9:20
FannyLyckman-summerburst2014-4 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA FannyLyckman-summerburst2014-7 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Pictures from previous years.

Summerburst time!! Are you exited?? I know I am! And the summer arrived just in time. 24°c and no clouds for 2 days! We really couldn’t wish for a more perfect weekend. Hope to see you all there! Xx