Bråvalla 2015 – #2

20150626 11:13

We out hereeeeee!!! Just finished some breakfast out here in the sun. See how huge these tents are???? They’re enourmus and really cosy inside! Sadly I dont have any pictures from last night… But I’ll be on point today ;)

Last night was epic och tack till alla söta som kommer fram till mig!!!! Ni är så fina!!!!!

Later! Xx

Bråvalla 2015

20150626 10:56

Hadn’t planned on going but in the very last minute my boyfriend texted me “U wanna go to Bråvalla?”. An hour later we were on the train with a dufflebag not knowing where we would sleep tonight. Lucky me I have friends at Bik Bok who hooked us up with a beaautiful indian looking tent big enough for like 10 people. Follow #bikbokglamping to get all the action from the lounge :)

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Kisses!! Xx


20150622 17:29
FannyLyckman_MacBookFannyLyckman-Cherry2 FannyLyckman_TheLoft6ready

My day at the loft. Just got a new hashtag for our penthouse! Like it? Pretty much the penthouse but just “pen” as a little twist, since my boyfriend is a singer song writer and I love to design and write on my blog we though it was a suitable name! Creative huh?

Lets talk about something else…  How amazing are life in leggings and sweat shorts?

My new thing.