These curls

20150629 7:01

Wok up 6 am today feeling way to awake to go back to sleep. Our apartment is so full of light this time of the year, I almost feel bad hiding under a quilt when I can be up and take it all in.

I noticed that I get a lot  of comment and questions about this hair style, so today I’m going to shoot a tutorial for you guys on how to get this look! 

Later! Xx

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  1. fabienne on

    yes cant wait to learn, thank you for doing this!!! would be also fun to see how you did your “afro” curls like herr
    i think its a bit different then the curls above.

    also can you do one post that is not fashion related and tell us what you did with your body? your bodyshape changes so much. everyone notice it. how often do you workout and how do you eat? lowcarb? <3


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