Bråvalla 2015 – #6

20150627 22:50

Last iphone update here from Bråvalla festival! Time to catch the train back to Stockholm and back to my own bed. It’s funny how after 3 days on a camping your comfort zone expand and suddenly it feels like the most normal thing in the world just sitting on the grund in public, waiting for the train.

Can’t really image a situation in heels on my way to a meeting, where I would sit down, on the ground and wait for the train to arrive. I mean who does that?

I saw your comments about my nails! Haha! Im so impressed by your sense in details!

The whole stay was very impulsive so I forgot to pack my hair brush and alot of other stuff but the Bikbok team had this super cosy hang out lounge, full of pillows, fruit, temporary tattoos and nail polish in all kinds of colors, so I had some fun with it.


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