Bråvalla 2015 – #5

20150627 16:44

Best act yesterday was without a doubt Seinabo Sey! Her voice is amazing and i got goose bumps when she closed the show with “younger” and the whole crowd sang with her.


New day – new outfit! I have a huge dreadlock in my neck from not brushing my hair since thursday, but other then that i feel pretty good.


5 Responses to “Bråvalla 2015 – #5”

  1. fabienne on

    haha i cant with you! you didnt brush your hair since Thursday? :’) i mean you brought nail polish but no brush? <3 you look amazing no matter what. you are just too good to be true!!!

    btw: loved this updated posts with your some personal thoughts and situation updates.

  2. Lala on

    I liked your blog very much, but fur? come on, don’t you know how cruel it is? please inform yourself!!! fur makes people ugly.

  3. Maika on

    Hey Fanny. I stopped following ur blog, when i saw u wearing fur for the first time. Now i saw that u wear fake fur. Do u always wear just fake fur? If u do, u should mention it somewhere. So people know, that u dont support this cruel shit … Actually i would like to start reading ur blog again:) Kram, Maika


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