At my loft

20150617 1:31


Im Wearing:

Top: NLY (link)

Bikini bottom: MISBHV (link)

Jeansshort: Levis (link)

Socks: Adidas (link)

7 Responses to “At my loft”

  1. fabienne on

    OMG *.* this photo is absolutely incredible. i love the vibe in it. the perfect a bit messy and still cozy and stylish looking room and then you hot little mess!!! this photo is really pure awesomeness. i had to save it on my phone haha!!!
    if such a photo would have been taken of me i would be like “i swear i will kill you if you show that someone” and your photo could be suuuuper easily used for an advertising for levis. this could really be on a big poster hanging in every levis store!!!! you are ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. Anonymous on

    How do you stay fit Fanny? I see you eating those Mars ice creams, pizzas and yet you only seem to be losing weight. Please share your secret with us!


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