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FannyLyckman-summerburst2014-4 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA FannyLyckman-summerburst2014-7 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Pictures from previous years.

Summerburst time!! Are you exited?? I know I am! And the summer arrived just in time. 24°c and no clouds for 2 days! We really couldn’t wish for a more perfect weekend. Hope to see you all there! Xx

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  1. fabienne on

    have fun babe! i wish i would live in stockholm and be there this weekend! you look amazing, saw your snaps <3 your make-up is a bit different today though than usually right? something looked different, i think maybe because you used lipliner/lipstick this time and your colors on your eyes were more light pink then brown?! whatever it was it looks breathtaking. what kind of false lashes do you use?
    have the best time!!!!!!! kisses


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