In Paris for the weekend

20150516 16:23

This city is so beautiful! I’m here over the weekend with some friends and had an amazing start with drinks at Le pompom before we headed out to dance and partying all night! My friends are waiting so need to get back out, but I’ll be posting a new outfit tonight so stay put! Xx


20150513 21:20
FannyLyckman-NUDE1 FannyLyckman-NUDE2 FannyLyckman-NUDE3

NAKED NUDE! – I’m obsessed with every pantone of beige for the moment! This bag is my latest purchase.

Find it HERE!


20150511 23:06

Wow! Long day! After a week in bed I got a lot to catch up to! Tomorrow I’ll shoot some outfits for you guys, but for now you get 4 fast selfies taken 10 minutes ago! Oh yes, snapshat-blogging we might should call it(?) Its all happening right now! Talking about snapchat! I’m back there as well so start following on: FANNYLYCKMAN1 – if you haven’t done it already! Night guys! <3

Shout out to LIFE

20150509 22:39


YAS! The drugs are working! Woke up feeling better today, no vomit, no fever. I took the most amazing shower, been sitting on my balcony and watched the rest of the season of Greys Anatomy. Heartbreaking, if you haven’t seen it. It’s amazing how you feel like you know the characters when your seen a tv-show for so many years.

Just put some self tan lotion on my face. So tired of looking pale and sick so I needed a drastic solution. Fresh hair, fresh face! Tomorrow I might even get photo ready ;) Xx