Bohemian summer

20150422 21:20
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Old blogposts from 2010-2013.

The 70’s is back! As you all probably know I’m a sucker for festival fashion, and I use to be an expert on the bohemian touch! Got enough of it for a while there, but I’m really starting to feeling it again!

Need to get down in the basement and search for my wide lace pants, crocket capes and colorful arm candy! Xx


MISBHV collage Jacket

20150421 16:07

Photo: Oscar Jettman

So hooked on this jacket again! Feels like I had it for years but I’ts still a favorite in my closet! Been on the west coast over the weekend and now I’m back in Stockholm for more fun! Heading out for a dinner thing with friends in an hour so I really need to get ready, but first I will remind you all to start following me on Snapchat: fannylyckman1

I have so much fun with this app, and you’ll get so much more personal stuff when its so in the moment! Did any of you followed my weekend on the west coast? We had a pretty awesome time!!

Need to get going!! Later guys <3


Between Meetings

20150418 15:18

Biker jacket from Gina Tricot (HERE) / T-shirt from Adidas (HERE) / Leather pants from H&M / Shoes from Adidas (HERE) / Computer case from Marc by Marc jacobs (HERE) / Iphone case from Marc by Marc Jacobs (HERE)

My last look for Adidas Zx Flux!

This is my favorite! Simple and stylish every day look. Black sneakers go with everything in all weathers! And sneakers are always a winner when your running around town from one meeting to another.

See all the looks HERE.

Did you miss our contest where you can be the winner of a collection from Adidas ZX Flux? In that case you can read all about it HERE!