Sunday browsing

20150426 18:45


Oh, yes! Had a wonderful weekend once again, this time a little less crazy then my last one.

Yesterday I was at the Alesso concert with some friends, and after that we headed out to the Boqueria for drinks and then after that to “vardagsrummet”, (-living room) for hiphop and dancing. I took it easy though, kinda easy at least, haha! Headed home around 02.30 am and sleep in all day except for a breakfast date in the sun with my bf and some tanning on my balcony.

Hope you had a great weekend! Xx


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  1. fabienne on

    omg i love the cd with the title everything i could never tell you…!!!!!!!!

    btw i follow you on snapchat now since this weekend…i swore myself TO NOT GET ANOTHER DUMB app hahah but oh well i couldnt help it you made me waaay to curious :D loved the snap from fridaynight when your bf was sleeping haha so cute <3


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