Leo Heels

20150312 16:46

Leatherjacket from Minusey (HERE) / Shirt from Zara / Pants from Gina tricot (old) / Shoes from Senso (HERE) / Bag from Prada

My look the other day!

Love this jacket! Its the perfect short model! Not the best pics, but it was getting to dark outside so I just had time for some snapshots between meetings! I Know I haven’t answered on your comments lately, but I’ll get on it tomorrow, promise! Xx

Backstage #meandmyneverdenim

20150311 16:57
BB_manadmy_instagram BB_manadmy_instagram3

Backstages videos from the campaign shoot for Bikbok!

Have any of you seen the posters/campaign live yet? Haven’t got time to run by a store yet, but I will soon! So exiting!! Xx

Sweater as a skirt

20150310 18:18

Photo: Madelen Holmström

Suspender Leggings from Fanny Lyckman for Estradeur SS/XIII (similar HERE) / Timberland boots HERE / Sweater (as skirt) from Zara / Top from Weekday / Leatherjacket from Bikbok

As promised! Full outfitpost. This knitted grey skirt-thing is actually a sweater that I squeezed myself into. Kinda cool huh? Looks kinda like its tied around my waist as a normal skirt or sweater only you get a layer in the front as well.

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March 9

20150309 12:01

How was your weekend guys? A little sneak peek on my next look that will be up tomorrow! Heading to the gym in a couple of minutes, and then back to work! Talk later!! Xx