Sporty chic

20150219 12:34

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Love all the sports fashion influences that rules this decade! Nike tees and Adidas tees has been a true favorite for 2 years now and there is a 100 ways to style it! Love this classy look. The heels and the tee makes the outfit! Xx


20150217 18:42

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And of topic; how AMAZING are these dollar nails?? Took me and my nail artist 3,5 hours but they are BAAAAAD!

Short cut

20150216 16:45

Photo: Madelen Holmström

Jacket from H&M man / Jeans from gina tricot / T-shirt  from Adidas (HERE) / Shoes from Adidas (HERE) / Bag from Alexander Wang x H&M / Shades from LA- market

Took my extensions out and cut it off a bit! Feels so good to have a little break from the keratin. I can fall a sleep right after I shower, getting a head massage (like for real) and sit in the badtub with a hair mask for hours. I know I probably want it back in a month but I for now I really appreciate it. Still got my clip ins so if I want I can have the short cut one day and long the other! Thinking about going lighter again though… What do you think? Xx

Four five seconds

20150214 0:38
FannyLyckman-weekend-camo FannyLyckman-weekend-camo2

Photo: Madelen Holmström

Friday baby! Or maybe Saturday. Kinda getting late! Not got a lot of time for the blog right now but you guys are still as awesome and active! I fucking love you guys! -And thats not a word I use everyday. Valentine sentimental? Haha, Maybe.. I don’t know, but your dedication warms my heart! <3

Spending most on my time working my with my other project and it is going to be A-mazing! so glad that your gonna be in on it soon <3