Details from last week

20150224 13:35
FannyLyckman-camel1 copyFannyLyckman-camel2 FannyLyckman-camel3

Photo: Madelen Holmström

Details snaps from last week! Think I cought a cold, probably when I was out partying with my girls this weekend. Need a dayquil asap but I’m at the office and can’t even find an advil. Yeeep, life is hard but what a girl gonna do ;) Haha! Hope you have great tuesday anyway, Think I’m heading home early! Xx

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  1. fabienne on

    Oh noooo, get well soon fanny!!! take a warm bath when you get home babe <3

    hope you gonna show us the whole outfit really soon, it looks promising :)) :-*

  2. Maria on

    Snälla ta bort den jävla dinsko reklamen, man kan ju inte läsa din blogg den täcker halva skärmen och det finns inget kryss så man kan få bort den. Jävligt irriterande!!


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