Black Henna tattoo

20150222 18:05

Yesterdays selfies! I’m back on the westcoast for a birthday party for one of my friends and I finally got that Henna tattoo done that I was suppose to do last November when I was here last time! This girls is sick!! So happy with her work! Also got new extensions and lighter highlights! I know a lot of you liked my short hair but when Marre called me up and asked if I could be hair model I had to say yes! And I love them! It took 45 minutes for a full extensions and they are the best extensions I tried so far! The brand is called Hair talk and you can find them HEREXx

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  1. fabienne on

    it really looks soo soo good!!!! Perfection! the black nails with this amazing henna tattoo, never knew that a hand can be so sexy. pls dont get lighter, dont you see how amazing your eyes look because of the brown hair..uuggh you are SO beautiful fanny!!!
    i know i say it actually every single time, but i just cant get over it how flawless you are! <3 <3 <3

  2. Adeline on

    You look so so gorgeous girl ! :O
    I’d love to get black henna tattoo as they’re more beautiful than browns but I heard it can be dangerous because of the dye in it and can lead to skin problem, so I’m kinda scared of trying it as some are lucky and some not with this. It looks beautiful !

  3. riina on

    i must say the henna tattoo looks really awesome, but i just want you to know that the PPD in black henna can cause allergic reaction even many years after when you color your hair, because most of the haircolors have this ingredient. in henna tattoo the color is putted straight to the skin (not like in haircolors and you also wash them away) so the content is much higher.
    of course i don’t know if yours is exactly the black henna, but just also for your readers to know too..


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