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20150220 16:21

Browsing so much interior these days! Just moved out of my old apartment and moved all our stuff to the new one. Love the place! Its beyond perfect! For now is pretty much empty, (besides all the boxes of clothes) but it will be amazing when its done! I can feel it!

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  1. fabienne on

    wooow woow woow, amazing interior photos and so NOT swedish haha. i think the swedish interior is nice but mostly quite simple and with wooden and just not so high-end looking if you know what i mean. this is more american, could be a loft of NY, expesive looking and extremly modern and i love this. my mom did her new house in that style as well and my apartment is quite like that (only my living- and bed room) since i didnt change everything in it when i moved in (my kitchen and bathroom isnt so fancy but its ok for now).
    once it is finsih you HAVE TO show us everything…oohh its gonna be amazing fanny!!! :) <3


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